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“Consume Original, Be Authentic” campaign on the risks of counterfeiting, ASGECO, Spain

The General Association of Consumers – ASGECO-Confederación, launched a series of expert panels in the framework of their campaign “Consume Original, Be Authentic”. The campaign aims to raise awareness of consumers and users about the risks, both socio-economic and related to health, hidden behind counterfeiting.

The counterfeits trade, copies and crimes against intellectual and industrial property moves about 1.59 trillion euros per year and has had an exponential growth of 280% since 2008. Its consequences go beyond the lack of consumer protection, and important health risks. Unemployment rates, research and investment in R&D, closure of companies, tax evasion, the environment or spending on health services are some of the areas most affected by this form of illegal trade.

More information about this campaign:

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