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Consumer organisations call on Commission to make Nutri-score compulsory

The poor nutritional quality of too many foods (too much fat, too much sugar, too much salt) is one of the main causes of chronic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Furthermore, the information given on packaging is often too complex and up to 82% of consumers do not understand them and cannot avoid the pitfalls of marketing strategies and claims.

Therefore, the UFC-Que Choisir in France, together with 6 other European consumer associations – Test-Achat (Belgium), VZBV (Germany), Consumentenbond (Netherlands), OCU (Spain), Federajca Konsumentow (Poland) and EKPIZO (Greece), members of the European Office of Consumer Unions (BEUC) – is launching a European Citizens’ Initiative “PRO NUTRI-SCORE” to ask the European Commission to make the Nutri-Score on food products compulsory.

The Nutri-Score would simplify the reading and understanding of the nutritional value at a glance. Several national and international studies have shown that the Nutri-Score is the most understandable and effective way to make consumers fully involved in their nutritional choices. Although the Nutri-Score is currently the system used by several Member States (France, Belgium, Spain, etc.), due to European regulations, it remains optional. The initiative therefore intends to urge the European Commission to make it mandatory. One million signatures are required for the Commission to respond.

COFACE’s member organisation UNAF France supports it and calls on other organisations and consumers to join this European initiative. Simply type in and sign!

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