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#ConsumerEducation: Launch of ‘Your future. Your choice’ campaign

Every day, millions of citizens throughout the European Union make purchasing decisions, take out loans, shop online, post and share content. Although these activities are part of their daily lives, they do not always happen smoothly. Many problems can arise such as falling prey to a scam online, being targeted and manipulated via advertising, getting riddled in debt or not knowing how to consume responsibly and sustainably to protect our environment.

On the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day on the 15th of March, COFACE Families Europe wants to empower each citizen to reflect on their consumption behaviours and to education oneself about their rights and to protest against potential market abuses and social injustices that undermine those rights. It is important to remember that the future ahead will be the future determined by our purchases, a motto which is the center of the new educational campaign ‘Your future. Your choice.’ unveiled by the European Commission this day.

The European Union has striven, over the years, to create a safe environment for consumers to shop, and although there can always be new legislative measures to improve consumer safety, it is equally important for consumers to take advantage of their existing rights. Especially in relation to sustainable consumption, financial literacy, internet safety and data protection empowering consumers to protect their rights and make the right decisions is crucial.

To this end, COFACE is engaging in the European Commission’s campaign which centers around four videos which aim to highlight improved EU rights, provide key information on each topic and enable citizens to make better choices.

You can share the videos through our YouTube Channel here in EN and FR or download them in your own languages using the links below.

For more information, read our statement for World Consumer Rights Day here.

or visit the European Commission website here.

Download videos in your language

Sustainable consumption
Financial literacy
Internet safety
Data protection


The European Commission’s Directorate General for Justice and Consumers (DG JUST) held a competition on four topics in relation to consumer education.

  • Sustainable Consumption
  • Financial Literacy
  • Internet Safety
  • Data Protection

The competition led to the creation of 4 videos, based on ideas submitted by consumer organizations and youth organizations, empowering consumers to protect their rights and make the right decisions in many different situations: consuming in a more responsible and sustainable way, protecting their privacy and their personal data, safely navigating the web and recognizing common online scams, managing their budget and avoid making excessive use of credit.

All of the videos redirect the viewer to the consumer resources website of the European Commission, where consumers can find more information about these topics and many more, learn about their existing rights, and how to use them when faced with certain problems.

The videos come in long (1 minute) and short (25 seconds) formats and were produced by Ecorys in collaboration with BBC Studioworks. They are available in 25 languages with both subtitles and voiceover, and will be promoted and disseminated online via many different channels to ensure maximum exposure.

For more information about the videos and the promotion campaign, visit: or contact

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