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Economics at the services of society – social, economic and finance experts come together under COFACE umbrella

“Economics is too important to be left to economists.” This statement encapsulates the rationale behind our seminar which took place on 22-23rd November in Brussels where experts from different fields were confronted to each other, pushing boundaries, leaving their comfort zones to discuss how the macro-economic system is impacting our mutual work. Yes, families want to be part of the discussion on economic and financial policy orientations, and understand how this affects attempts to build sound family policies. We looked more specifically during the seminar at three key areas for COFACE: childcare, community-based services, and access to financial services.

Economics is a way to allocate resources efficiently, and should benefit society first and foremost. It is the 21st century and families deserve to have an economic system which works for them instead of us having to constantly fight for their rights to be implemented.  We must not be scared to think of solutions which go beyond the current macro-economic system, and COFACE is happy to provide space for innovative thinking as we did in the second part of the seminar.

The presentations are available on the seminar webpage, some online comments can be found on Twitter using the #economics4all hashtag, and the results of the seminar will be published end of the year/early 2019, so watch this space. The discussion is far from over. Thanks to all (speakers and participants) who made the time to join in the discussions and please stay in touch!

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