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Estonian Presidency Conference on the Future of Work: Making It e-Easy

The Estonian Presidency conference provided a vision for developing policies for the changing nature of work that will ensure high employment, decent jobs, adequate social security, and a highly skilled workforce for the productive digital economy via digital solutions. During the meeting there was an important focus on how employers and employees adapt to work-life changes. Based on the discussions of the conference, the Estonian Presidency will draw up Council conclusions on future of work for the December EPSCO meeting.

COFACE Families Europe has identified pros and cons of digitalisation, and continues to monitor the impact of digitalisation on families.  Our policy Briefing Current challenges and the impact of digitalisation on families published for the 2016 OECD Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting held in June 2016 in Mexico, highlights some of the challenges ahead including:

-The impact of digitalization on families: new skills and jobs
-Transparency and information about controversial  business models (‘Freemium’)
-Control over user-generated data
-Internet of Things
-Connected Toys

More information about the Estonian Presidency conference here
More information about COFACE work on digitalisation here

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