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European Competition: Take 5 minutes to submit your idea to empower consumers to make informed decisions!

Have you already submitted your idea? Note that you now have until Friday 30th June to pitch an idea for a video on consumer education, and you can submit it in your own language!

If you are one of four winners you will:

  • See your idea turned into a video developed by highly experienced video producers using the latest state-of-art technology
  • Get to educate your target audience along with millions of citizens across Europe on topics that matter to your organisation and your members with no cost to you.
  • Receive credit in the video: your organisation’s logo and reference to your winning idea will appear in the video
  • See the video translated in 25 languages (subtitles and voiceovers) and promoted across all EU Member States, UK, Norway and Iceland.
  • Enjoy substantial free publicity via the video in the form of both online and offline advertising campaigns
  • Receive a prestigious trophy.

This Competition is organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Justice and Consumers (DG JUST). Through this Competition they aim to give the opportunity to consumer organisations and youth organisations to share storyline ideas for four educational videos addressing important consumer topics, and empowering consumers to make informed decisions.

Participants are required to share ideas for one (or more) video concept (storyline). There are four topics to choose from: Financial Literacy, Internet Safety, Data Protection, Sustainable Consumption. Ideas with a financial angle will be prioritised (relating to consumers dealing with financial products or services).

Each application can only focus on one topic (one video concept). You can submit several applications (video concepts) on the same or a different topic. Successful ideas will be used as the basis for a short video produced (by Ecorys in collaboration with BBC Studioworks) and promoted via high-profile digital and traditional campaigns across all EU Member States, UK, Norway and Iceland. A total of four 60-second videos will be produced; one for each of the four available topics.

To participate in this competition you are only required to submit a video concept. The videos produced following this competition, will target: a) young consumers (18 to 28-year-olds) b) the general consumer public across EU Member States, UK, Norway and Iceland. You do not need prior video production experience to participate. If your idea is chosen, expert video producers will adapt it as needed.

Describe your video plot in no more than 3,000 words. It should be suitable for a 60-second video. Remember this is about educating people on issues relating to your chosen topic and empowering them to make informed decisions and be part of the solution.

Financial literacy

  • Debt Management Affordability of Credit
  • Save more/ smart spending
  • Financial decisions to plan for the future
  • Comparing bank/credit card services & ease of switching providers

Internet Safety:

  • Comparing financial services online – your rights
  • Security risks & tips when purchasing financial services online
  • Dealing with scammers through EU cyber security laws
  • Being web wise during internet banking

Data protection: Financial services and GDPR. Right to:

  • Access and correct your data if it is wrong
  • Have your data moved or deleted and to be forgotten
  • Object to receiving direct marketing
  • Have a say when decisions are automated (e.g. an algorithm decides if you will be granted a loan or not)

Sustainable Consumption:

  • Individual’s role in the EU circular economy initiative
  • EU waste recycling directive.
  • Repairing / buying second-hand – your rights
  • How to save on your energy bill

Submit your idea here:

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