Household account book, Gezinsbond, Belgium


As a consumer organization, it is our mission to protect and inform families as consumers. The household account book is a way of fulfilling this mission. Belgium is facing a record number of families in over-indebtedness; approximately 100.000 families are in a procedure of collective debt settlement. One of the causes of falling into debt may be poor budget management.

Aims of the initiative

The Gezinsbond wants to give families a tool with which they can have an overview of their own household budget. The aim is to achieve a healthy family budget through a better understanding of income and expenses.
The household account book is developed for all families.

Concrete actions

In the account book, families can record their monthly income and expenses. This results in an overview of their annual household budget. There are sections for different types of income: wages, income replacement, child benefits and other income. The sections for variable expenses are the following: food, drinks, maintenance, education, clothing, car(s), public transport, health care, leisure and other expenses. Fixed expenses are: rent/property tax, mortgage payments, heating, electricity and TV distribution, insurances, telephone, newspapers and magazines and other fixed expenses.

Financial information

The costs of this project mainly consist of personnel expenses (e.g. to manage the orders and shipment) and in addition, the printing costs and the shipping costs.


There are no partner organizations involved


In 2014, 1.263 families bought the household account book at the price of 4.50 euros.

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