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Europe is a diverse continent and people across the Member States fight every day to ensure that no one is left behind or discriminated for his/her gender, age, race, sexual orientation or disability. A number of policies and laws are in place: some brought a change in the lives of many people, others could but exist only on paper.

A child is born with no bias but stereotypes and prejudices are formed early in life. If what a child sees around him/herself is a biased and stereotyped reality, he/she will grow up thinking that the world is mostly white, male-dominated, with persons with disabilities not actively participating in society.

This is false. However, this is the reality that marketing and toy catalogues offer to children. We analysed over 3000 images (See our 2016 Study on Toy Catalogues) coming from 9 countries: there were NO children with disabilities and over 90% of children were white. Boys and girls? The first were playing with drones (72%), cars and transportations (74%), war and guns (88%), the latter involved in care activities (87%) and beauty and grooming (94,5%).

This has to stop. With the end of year festivities, many more toys and presents are bought. Let’s expose those who use biased and stereotyped marketing, and promote those who support diversity. Send us/Tweet us or post on Facebook your photos, and join the #ToysAndDiversity community.

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