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Join us in educating consumers and unlocking new economic thinking!

Every day, millions of citizens throughout the European Union make purchasing decisions, take out loans, shop online, post and share content. Although these activities are part of their daily lives, they do not always happen smoothly. Many problems can arise such as falling prey to a scam online, being targeted and manipulated via advertising, getting riddled in debt or not knowing how to consume responsibly and sustainably to protect our environment.

The European Union has strived, over the years, to create a safe environment for consumers to shop, and although there can always be new legislative measures to improve consumer safety, it is equally important for consumers to take advantage of their existing rights.

To this end, the European Commission’s Directorate General for Justice and Consumers (DG JUST), joined by COFACE Families Europe, will celebrate the World Consumer Rights Day on 15th March with its European Consumer Summit in the context of the New Consumer Agenda adopted end 2020. This Agenda aims to:

  • tackle the new challenges to consumer rights and opportunities for consumer empowerment brought about by the green and digital transitions, the COVID pandemic and the plans for post-COVID recovery
  • protect vulnerable consumers more effectively in the new economic realities of the COVID-19 crisis and its likely aftermath
  • address the growing importance of international cooperation and effective enforcement in ensuring consumer rights in the globalisation era.

Educating citizens is one way to ensure a sustainable and secure future. Unlocking new economic thinking is another. COFACE Families Europe will dedicate one full day discussing building a caring economy which works for families and children, especially important in light of the COVID-19 pandemic during which families acted as the main social safety net. The online seminar which will be held on 21th April 2021 from 9.00-16.30 CET will start with a reality-check of the new needs of families of today in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis, followed by a discussion on the social and environmental sustainability of the current economic system, and try to trigger actions to sustainably reduce social inequalities, building an economy that works for society.

SAVE THE DATE and join us taking a holistic economic and societal approach. Using the Doughnut economics model as a starting point, we will look at three key dimensions of the economy: households, the market, and the State. The discussions and proposals will serve to build key COFACE recommendations for EU and national policy-makers to unlock new thinking for a more social, environmental and economic future.



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