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Joint call to free Europe’s youth from health-harmful marketing

On September 27th, nearly 40 childrens’ rights, family, consumer, public health, alcohol control, and medical organisations launched a joint call to Members of the European Parliament for ambitious action to free Europe’s children, youth and parents from aggressive marketing of products harmful to health and future well-being. COFACE-Families Europe took part in this joint call.

Europe is facing a childhood obesity epidemic and youth drinking is causing major harm. Health problems starting in childhood often last a lifetime. The links between advertising and increased consumption are well-established, but European children and youth are still constantly bombarded by manipulative marketing and promotion across all media.

The joint declaration demands that strong, effective measures are put in place to minimise young people’s exposure to health-harmful marketing; to prohibit product placement and sponsorship by alcohol producers and foods high in fat, sugar and salt; and to ensure that Member States can effectively limit broadcasts from other countries on public health grounds.

The statement follows the European Parliament hearing on the revision of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD), which is the opportunity to address the marketing of unhealthy food and alcohol at European scale.

More information on EPHA’s website

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