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New guide on screens and children by UNAF, France

The multiplication of screens in our society is a recent phenomenon. Science does not have the necessary perspective to know the long-term effects of early and intensive exposure to screens. However, we know that too much exposure can be dangerous for our health. The National Health Security Agency in France warns against excessive exposure to screens from an early age, which could be associated with memory, sleep, or attention disorders.

The new guide for parents on screens and children («Enfants et écrans: reprenez la main»), published by UNAF, offers many tips and tricks for becoming aware of family habits, reducing screen time and protecting children from inappropriate content.

The guide was developed in partnership with the «Groupe de Pédiatrie Générale», an association attached to the French Society of Pediatrics. The objective is to spread a message of prevention and advice to parents and health professionals around the use of screens by children.

More information about this guide (in French), click here

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