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Nutrimedia: presentation at the Annual Convention on Inclusive Growth

On the 24th of April, Families Europe presented its Nutrimedia tool to participants of the Annual Convention on Inclusive Growth.

According to the latest figures from the WHO, one in three EU kids below the age of 11 is either overweight or obese. This figure has been growing steadily over the last decades. This phenomenon affects disproportionately the poorest socio-economic groups. At the heart of this phenomenon, we find a number of factors: not enough physical activity, an unbalanced diet… However, there is mounting evidence that advertising plays a significant role in influencing eating habits. Nutri-media focuses on a specific aspect: the impact that media can have on the eating habits of children. This includes TV series, advertising, video games, posters, online advertising etc.

This presentation allowed Families Europe to present the new English version of the tool which has been redesigned this year. Nutrimedia has steadily grown over the years, adding an interactive website dedicated to online advertising and parent activity sheets to the existing PowerPoint presentation enabling teachers and trainers to carry out a training session. Many new developments in the field of advertising have been included recently: Virtual Reality, Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence… All of these contribute to shape the exposure to advertising of families.

Families Europe also unveiled its projects for the future, namely transforming the Nutrimedia presentation content into a self-contained Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), in order to reach a broader audience and upscale the tool.

We have adopted a policy brief about Nutrimedia, which you can see here

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