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EU public consultation the REFIT of the Consumer Rights Directive

On October 8, COFACE Families Europe answered the consultation on the REFIT of the Consumer Rights Directive, which is an essential piece of legislation for protecting families when shopping online, providing a minimum harmonization of key rights such as the right of withdrawal and other guarantees.

In the consultation and during the REFIT Stakeholder Group Meetings, COFACE Families Europe stressed several points to reinforce the Directive and ensure that families are better protected online:

  • Develop indicators to enable consumers to compare different online business models relying on advertising, “freemium” to the traditional licensing/subscription model.
  • Ban all online services to list their services as “free” if their business models rely on data processing or online advertising.
  • Regulate algorithms used for sorting contents to avoid any form of manipulation of consumers. This includes examining new issues such as dynamic pricing or even tacit collusion using automatic price comparison bots.
  • Simplifying and standardizing Terms and Conditions to the extent that it is possible, to allow consumers to better understand and read them.

COFACE Families Europe will continue to provide input to the European Commission REFIT Stakeholder Group, representing the interest of all families.

You can download COFACE Families Europe’s response to the consultation here

For more information, please contact Martin Schmalzried

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