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Single parent centre has opened in Budapest, Hungary

More than 300.000 families and half a million children live in single parent families in Hungary. The Single Parent Centre is the country’s first community and support centre for these families. It organises programmes, group activities and different services for single parent families.

The Single Parent Families Foundation conducted a survey with more than 1000 parents to find out more about the needs of single parents in Hungary. Isolation, financial difficulties and everyday logistics were identified as the biggest problems. Besides offering help in these fields, the Single Parent Centre also serves as a community centre where single parents can meet and share experiences.

Besides legal, psychological and mediation counselling, an indoor play centre for children and a co-working office for parents are also available. Several trainings, clubs, peer-to-peer groups, free time activities and a café can also be found in the centre. Free child care is offered for all parents using the services. Some of the programmes will be open to two-parent and patchwork families and also for separated parents.

The centre is operated by the Single Parent Families Foundation, and it functions as a model for other similar centres to be built around the country.

More information at the Single Parent Centre’s website

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