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Results of the survey on summer camps: a concern for parents, Ligue des familles – Belgium

Summer holidays mean summer camps for most children. La Ligue des familles in Belgium has carried out a survey on this issue (What kind of camp? For how long? At what price). Looking for a camp is often a burden, this is why the Ligue des familles proposes My Kids&Holidays, a search engine that helps parents to find a camp.

The number of children going to camps is increasing every year: 74% of parents use them, against 60% in the survey conducted by the Ligue des Familles in 2012. Most parents use them between 2 and 4 weeks, and 6% of respondents use them for 6 weeks or more. The parents that avoid summer camps are those whose children are still in a nursery, those for which price is an issue, and those who take days off or who rely on family members. This information comes from a survey conducted by the Ligue des Familles in April 2017.

The most popular activity is sports (66%), then arts (41%). Then come playgrounds, body expression and youth organizations. The goal here is clearly to have fun, and no respondent ever mentioned camps dedicated to school or homework support. This is a clear trend identified in the surveys on out-of-schools activities: daycare, Wednesday afternoon or camps are all focussed on entertainment. The learning of new competences comes second, while cultural diversity and inclusive actions are rarely considered.

For more information about this survey (in French), please click here

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