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Tackling Energy Poverty Together

“The right to energy must ensure citizens can access a good quality and quantity at an affordable price.” Dr. Chian-Woei Shyu

Energy poverty is a serious concern as millions of families are unable to secure necessary levels of energy to heat, cool, or light their homes due to low incomes, high energy prices, energy-inefficient housing, and limited access to more diverse sources of energy. The most vulnerable groups such as single-parent households, large families, children, older people, and minorities remain, as always, among the most affected.

Although affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy supply is recognised as one of the fundamental social rights, energy poverty continues to grow across the EU – a fact that is linked to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change among others, which makes combating energy poverty now more important than ever.
The Right to Energy Coalition, which COFACE Families Europe is a member of, is holding an online Forum on December 1-3, 2020, in order to discuss solutions and strategies to tackle energy poverty in Europe. This Forum is an opportunity to explore possibilities, gain practical skills, share stories, and discuss challenging questions. Plus, it is free of charge to all attendees.

The Forum will connect activists, campaigners, and decision makers to address energy poverty on these three main themes:

  • Power to the people: grassroots & local solutions
  • Policy and progress: EU & national government strategies
  • Campaign resources: tools for campaigning and discussing energy poverty effectively

The programme will include interactive workshops, presentations, and live-streamed panel discussions. For more information on the Forum’s sessions or to register, please click here: https://righttoenergy.org/forum-2020/.

One of the Coalition’s members, EnAct, launched a new podcast on what a policy framework for the right to energy should cover. Here’s a link to the blog & podcast on the COLD@HOME website: http://www.coldathome.today/policy-framework-right-to-energy 


The Right to Energy Coalition was formed in 2017 to campaign against energy poverty across Europe at all levels of society. The Coalition brings together trade unions, anti-poverty, environmental, and health groups and organisations, as well as energy cooperatives, social housing providers, and NGOs, including COFACE Families Europe. The Right to Energy Coalition has been successfully advocating for energy disconnection bans, free of charge renovations for energy poor households, as well as energy efficiency legislation, which includes ongoing input into the 2030 EU climate and energy package and the European Green Deal.

Not long ago, the Coalition launched a brand new website where you can find more information about its members and principal goals. Read more about energy poverty and get the latest news on the ways to tackle it by following the link below: http://righttoenergy.org/.

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