Toy Stories – last chance to fill the survey

Have you been running from shop to shop buying the perfect toys for Christmas? Or waiting eagerly at front of the door, hoping for the delivery to finally arrive? Maybe you are one of those people who start their Christmas shopping only a few days prior to the joyful days.

No matter what kind of shopping type you are or how many you buy, you have certainly plenty of stories to tell. And we want to hear them ALL.

Make sure to fill in the first Europe-wide survey on Toys and Diversity.

It is anonymous, available in 13 languages and only takes 5 minutes!

Every year around Christmas time, we resume our #ToysandDiversity campaign to highlight gender, disability and ethnic stereotypes in toy production, catalogues and shops, and raise awareness among toy producers, advertisers, retailers and consumers about the need for toy diversity.

This very Europe-wide survey on #ToysandDiversity is the third part of our campaign. With this we want to find out what consumers think when buying toys. What helps them decide? What is important in the shopping process?
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