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Which housing for large families today? Fonds du Logement Wallon, Belgium

Large families usually live nowadays in very small spaces, at an expensive price, says a study on housing for large families published by the Fonds du Logement Wallon on 18 June 2018. In Wallonia, 11,4% of families are large families and include about 38,1% of Walloon children. The Fonds du Logement has just carried out a survey with the support of the Walloon Centre of studies on sustainable housing, and asked 2.400 of these households about their housing conditions.

According to the study, one out of five large families are single parent households, and most of them are led by women. One out of five large families are also recomposed families whose size may greatly vary depending on custody arrangements. These recomposed families are a growing trend and will have an impact on future policies. 71,2% of large families own their housing, which in some cases leads to precarious financial situations.

25% of large families live in homes which are too small, damp or energy inefficient. 26,7% lack sufficient bedrooms. The average budget dedicated to housing by large families (housing, energy and water) is 38% of the household budget! This represents a huge effort and leaves no margin for specific expenses or works to make their house energy-efficient.

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