The overall objective of this Coordination and Support Action (CSA) “Children Online: Research and Evidence (CORE)” is to conceptualise, implement and disseminate a comprehensive knowledge base on the long-term impact of ICT on children and youth.

The CORE knowledge base will be characterised by the following features:

1. CORE will provide evidence on a broad range of topics related to the long-term impact of ICT on children and youth including their health, lifestyles, participation and digital citizenship, wellbeing, safety, and security as affected by ICT.

2. CORE will be based on research from all EU Member States and a number of other European countries and thus respect relevant cultural, political, and media-related contexts.

3. CORE will help researchers and research organisations to identify important research gaps and to make use of existing research and data.

4. CORE will alert and inform public and political discourses by identifying key topics that deserve particular attention.

5. CORE will help to contextualise empirical evidence by offering theoretical, methodological, and ethical reflections and guidelines.

6. CORE will be developed together with relevant stakeholders who will bring in their specific information needs and disseminate the knowledge base.

7. CORE will be developed as a sustainable and dynamic infrastructure that shall be continued beyond the duration of the CSA.


During the 3 years term of CORE (2020-2022), COFACE Families Europe will collaborate with this action as member of the Advisory Board, by giving advice with regard to families’ expectations towards a knowledge base on the impact on ICTs on children and youth, and by disseminating the CORE knowledge base through its communication channels.

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