European Awareness Raising Campaign on Cyberbullying #DeleteCyberbullying

COFACE Families Europe coordinated the European Awareness Raising Campaign on Cyberbullying #DeleteCyberbullying from February 2013 to July 2014. The project was financed under the Daphne III programme of the European Commission.

The project aimed at raising awareness around Europe on the phenomenon of cyberbullying. The work achieved by the project is the successful cooperation of eight organisations from seven different countries (Belgium, Hungary, Spain, the UK, Bulgaria, Greece and Finland). The partners brought different perspectives and experience to the project, but all agreed, that effective prevention and early detection of cyberbullying is key, and can be best achieved by informing parents, teachers and teens about the different forms it can take, and how to react.

Objectives of the #DeleteCyberbullying project:

  • general acknowledgement that cyberbullying is a real and substantial danger and causes immediate and significant harm.
  • An exchange of best practice about recognition, monitoring and prevention of harmful on-line communication and cyberbullying, especially in schools and families.
  • Specific recommendations to policy and decision makers at EU and Member States levels – examples of prevention campaigns with positive impact.
  • Development of an on-line campaign material and encourage the involvement of children and young people, who want to be part of the social and behavioural change we would like to create.

The project was a very ambitious undertaking, and among others delivered a successful European conference on cyberbullying in Madrid in May 2013 which brought together key stakeholders across the EU working on the topic. The second activity achieved with success was the Big March, a virtual march enabling civil society as a whole to demonstrate and bring the issue of cyberbullying to the attention of policy makers.

More here on our campaign webpage.

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