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AGF Paper. Digitalisation of Care from the Perspective of Families – Shaping the Effects on Familial Support, Relationships and Communication

In the context of its discussion process on digitalisation and family, the Association of German Family Organisations (AGF) organised an expert meeting on digitalisation and care on 10 December 2018. In the aftermath of this meeting, AGF produced a policy paper on the challenges of digitalisation and care which was presented to the German Federal council on the elderly.

The paper concentrates on the challenges of digitalisation and care of older people. It includes an assessment on the current debate on the increasing use of technology and digitalisation within the care of older people, the current discourse on digitalisation and mechanisation of care. Secondly AGF proposes normative basic positions on this. Finally the paper gives some guidance on what should be paid attention to when building a policy framework in this area, from the viewpoint of families.

Overall, AGF welcomes a broad social debate about guidelines and limits of digitalisation in an ageing society. In contrast to the very much technology and professionally-driven debate, it is needed to focus in on the perspective of people in need of care and their families. From the perspective of family organisations, a central initial question should be how digitalisation affects daily life, communication and relationships of the structurally, socially, materially and culturally very diverse family forms with older family members.

You can view the paper here in English.

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