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Children and screens, UNAF, France

Our French member, UNAF (Union Nationale des Associations Familiales), has launched a new website for families on the growing exposure to screens, targeting parents with children between 0 and 13.

As digitalisation and exposure to screens grows within the family, parents play a key role in protecting and guiding their children’s development. In order to accompany and guide families in their digital parenting practices, UNAF created the website “my child and screens” which provides them with a wealth of clear, practical and up-to-date information.

It also includes tips, advice, recommendations from experts and news about digitalization in an accessible format, enabling all parents to embrace proactive digital parenting and finding the right balance in the family’s habits and uses of screens. “My child and screens” is also a Facebook page with plenty of resources and over 2000 subscribers. The website also targets professionals working with children, teachers, social workers, and media professionals which are either working with or provide information to parents and children.

This new website is part of a larger array of tools and resources for families around digitalisation. Other resources include a website dedicated to video games: www.pedagojeux.fr

For more information, visit the official website “My child and screens”: www.mon-enfant-et-les-ecrans.fr

Or contact Martin Schmalzried: mschmalzried@coface-eu.org  

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