Digital Citizenship Education

Council of Europe Digital Citizenship Education Project: testing tools with parents

The Council of Europe is the continent’s leading human rights organisation. It includes 47 member states including those of the European Union. All members of the Council of Europe have signed the European Convention on Human Rights, a treaty designed to protect human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

As part of its work promoting human rights, democracy and fundamental freedoms of citizens, the Council of Europe has initiated a project on Digital Citizenship Education, aiming at empowering and increasing the awareness of teachers, parents and children about the digital world and how to defend key values and principles, such as human rights, online.

Throughout the months of February and March, COFACE-Families Europe held focus groups with parents in Croatia, Greece and Belgium in order to test various tools and material about Digital Citizenship Education targeting parents. The material has been developed within the Council of Europe’s expert group on Digital Citizenship Education, which includes COFACE-Families Europe.

The meetings of Croatia and Greece were co-organised by two COFACE-Families Europe members: Step by Step (Croatia) and KMOP (Greece). In Belgium, COFACE-Families Europe partnered up with the European School III and the school’s parents association.

The objective of the meetings was to enable parents to provide feedback on the materials developed so far, in order to ensure that they are fit for purpose, can be easily understood and are relevant to parents. Other issues such as finding the best way to reach parents and which sources do parents find most trustworthy were also discussed.

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