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Digital Change and its impact on families

The Association of German Family Organisations (COFACE member) has developed a discussion paper reflecting on questions regarding digitalisation for different areas of life from the point of view of families. It takes a lifecycle perspective to discuss the consequences of digitalisation for children, adolescents, parents and the grandparent generation and its impact on their relationships.

Background information

The paper focuses on the promotion of participation on the one hand and the protection of vulnerable family members on the other, as well as balancing the responsibility for these tasks between public and private actors as well as families and their individual members.

Aims of the initiative

In view of the rapid developments in the digitalisation of all areas of life, we have deliberately chosen the form of a discussion paper, which formulates positions and open questions and thus represents a snapshot of the discussions taking place within and outside the Association of German Family Organizations (AGF). It will be used to contribute to shaping Germany policies impacted by digital transformations, and to mainstream the family perspective in discussions and debates.

Concrete actions

The paper is divided into 5 sections:

  • Digital change and its consequences for families
  • Principles for shaping digital change from a family perspective
  • Children and young people: a mix of measures for greater participation and safety on the net
  • Digitalisation and Middle Age: Parenthood, Reconciling Family and Work Life
  • Families with elderly family members in need of help – digitalisation and care


It has been published at the end of 2019, and is being disseminated widely.

Multimedia material



We’re collaborating with different organisations, schools, and ministry departments.

Contact Sven Iversen; iversen@ag-familie.de

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