“Digital Families: the future is now” event in Athens on 20th of November

On the 20th of November, COFACE-Families Europe, in partnership with its Greek Member KMOP, will host a conference on the topic of digitalisation, looking to future challenges and opportunities. The conference will be broken down in two parts. The first part will consist in a mini-training session on the challenges that digitalisation brings, as identified by COFACE-Families Europe, and how these can be tackled, the second part will showcase the good practices and activities of three Member organisations.

Topics addressed will include:

  • “Artificial Intelligence” and its potential consequences: discrimination, manipulation and more
  • Blockchain and decentralisation: the end of censorship?
  • Online business models: all about advertising and data.
  • Profits before people? Children and parents vulnerable online.
  • Virtual environments (Virtual reality, Augmented Reality) and the impact on children: more empathy or more trauma?
  • E-inclusion and the digital divide: what role for technology in schools?


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