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GDPR – What are my rights? Part 2 on Profiling & Individual automated decision-making

On 25 May 2018 one of the best data protection and privacy laws was implemented – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Last month it celebrated its first anniversary and continues to impact hugely also all families in Europe. This is why the GDPR has been on our radar since the beginning and will be until its transposition in national law is complete.
There are a number of features and concepts in this Regulation which could potentially transform the web, including the way children and families experience it. In order to communicate this impact more practically, we are preparing a series of educational videos about the GDPR and new rights acquired.
The aim of the video series is to:

  • raise awareness about the impact of the EU in daily life;
  • take a closer look at some of the digital rights of the GDPR;
  • provide some practical and educational tips on how to test your new digital rights.

The second video in the series focuses on your rights in relation to profiling and individual automated decision-making. This sounds very complicated, but our Policy Officer Martin Schmalzried knows how to break it down. In this first part on the topic, he will explain what profiling and individual automated decisions are and how they can impact you and your daily life.

Watch our new video here.

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