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Greek organisation KMOP takes part in WORDS ARE STONE project against hate speech

Recently, the continuous growth of Internet as a mean of communication, along with the anonymity that it provides, has enabled the proliferation of hate-based activities in cyberspace, such as harassment and expressions of hate, which are now located beyond the realms of traditional Law Enforcement methods and Law prosecution. Therefore, it is needed for other cyber-entities, such as individual users or some web providers, to fight against this type of offence and this is what the WORDS ARE STONES project wants to do.

WORDS ARE STONES wants to step up to prosecute instances of online hate speech and cooperating with IT companies and the media to combat manifestly illegal hate speech and promote counter-narratives emanating from civil society.

In the framework of the EU funded project, COFACE’s Greek member organisation KMOP ran a Social Media Contest for youth population in Greece until 31/05/2019, aiming to combat online hate speech. Young people aged 14-25 should take photos of hate speech in their cities and to transform them into happy speech, using videos, GIFs, pic collage. This #hatersfree contest includes a price for the 1st place + a teacher/adult is a 2 days trip to London to visit Facebook or Google headquarters.

More information here.

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