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KMOP action on bullying: Athletic event for the dissemination of the programme “Live Without Bullying”

On the occasion of the Panhellenic Day Against School Violence and Bullying, KMOP organised the “Dribbling Bullying #2” basketball game. On March 6, 2018 , the Near East stadium was flooded by more than 1,100 students with 68 teachers from 16 schools of Attica, attending the game.

The event was held in the framework of the Live Without Bullying programme for the prevention and tackling of school and internet bullying, implemented by KMOP for the second consecutive year, in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Sport, the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Attica, the Association of Greek Basketball Veterans and under the auspices of Regional Unit B. Athens.

Athletes, artists and anti-bullying experts have joined forces in sending a strong message of solidarity and mental empowerment to all children, against the phenomenon of intimidation. The football players of the Greek National Team that won the 2004 European Championship also participated in the game.

Dr. Antonia Torrens, KMOP President (and Vice President of COFACE) sent a positive message of optimism to children who may feel that they have an ally when facing intimidating behavior and called on parents and educators to recognize the importance of communicating with their children to prevent and promptly respond to school and cyber bullying.

The Association of Greek Basketball Veterans and the International Footballers – European Champions Legends 2004 formed mixed teams, with the main characteristic of each team being the place of origin or residence of the athletes, Thessaloniki – Athens, while the winners, with score 86-84, were the “North”.

Information and awareness-raising actions to combat school and internet bullying in the framework of the Live Without Bullying programme will continue in various regions of Greece with the message: Do not give up! Be Positive! You will find the solution if you just Speak Up!


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