#MarchesAttaque: a week of mobilisation for accessibility

Going into space: it’s possible. Accessing a doctor’s surgery when you are in a wheelchair or with a cane: it is much more complicated… When it comes to accessibility issues, the health sector is particularly concerned. With a large number of inaccessible places and often unsuitable equipment, for many people receiving treatment is an obstacle course. At the risk of abandoning or postponing treatment.

This is why APF France Handicap, French member of COFACE,  launched the #MarchesAttaque movement. The whole organisation is mobilized to point out the problems but also to highlight the initiatives and improvements made throughout France to enable everyone to have access to health care.

Steps in different cities in France were decorated with a trompe-l’oeil to draw the attention of passers-by to the obstacles, which is what steps represent when they are the only way to access a place or a street. APF’s delegations all over France have been calling on the press, elected representatives and the general public about their demands and the importance of having a France that is accessible to people with disabilities, but also to elderly people, overweight people, people using crutches, a suitcase or a pushchair…

Find out more here about their actions and the organisation’s proposals to make access to healthcare effective for all.


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