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The EUCONVINCE project (Erasmus+ funded) on inclusive schools ended with a final conference in Warsaw, Poland on 14-15th November, where COFACE Families Europe brought the perspective of families to the discussion highlighting the importance of joint working between teachers and families in the best interest of child well-being, learning and development.

Various topics were discussed including the need for putting human dignity at the centre of education, democratic citizenship education, the negative and positive impacts of digitalization, and providing support to teachers to address the increasing diversity in schools (social, disability, ethnic).

This Erasmus+ project has a number of outputs, including an MOOC on citizenship and human rights education for change. In times of increasing extremism, xenophobia, violence, and radicalisation, it becomes crucial to build the capacity of education personnel, school leaders and education employers, to promote the fundamental values of freedom, democracy, tolerance, equality, human rights and solidarity, through education. Teaching and learning about EU democratic citizenship, human rights and EU common values is crucial for countering the negative forces of our time and building social inclusion in diverse educational contexts and learning environments. The power of education in this sense is unique and multiple: unique because there is no other environment or tool that touches families, social groups, communities and societies as a whole; multiple because where education is denied, other rights are denied, where it is upheld, other rights prosper. This MOOC aims to foster the promotion of inclusive education, democratic citizenship and human rights through the transfer of knowledge about the definitions, frameworks and content of Human Rights Education as well as the analysis of existing and innovative practices on teaching styles, approaches and methods.

You can sign up here: https://edx.gchumanrights.org/courses/course-v1:gchumanrights+euconvince+2019/about

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