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SaferInternet4EU Awards open for entries until 15 May 2018

The #SaferInternet4EU campaign aims to promote online safety, media literacy and cyber hygiene, making children, parents and teachers more aware of digital opportunities and challenges. Much work has focused on creating a safer and better digital world for its youngest users, their parents, teachers and carers, through a range of online tools, services, resources and initiatives from a myriad of stakeholders. In order to celebrate this progress, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel launched the #SaferInternet4EU Awards on Safer Internet Day 2018 (February).

All the applications will be reviewed by a jury formed of EU experts in the field of Better Internet for Kids and cyber hygiene, and winners will be invited to an awards ceremony at the Safer Internet Forum in Brussels in November 2018.

The awards are open for online applications until 15 May 2018. More information about the competition here

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