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Save the Date – Join our discussions on Digital Citizenship in Zagreb on 12th May 2020

Families want a healthy environment for their children to thrive and develop their own wings, this includes a healthy digital environment. Our approach is to promote education and empowerment of families to harness the full potential of technology, and our vision is set out in our 13 Digitalisation Principles adopted in 2018.
COFACE Families Europe together with its Croatian member Parents Association Step-by-Step will co-organise a multi-stakeholder event on 11-12th May 2020 in Zagreb, for 80-100 participants in total.

Taking a holistic family perspective and multi-generation approach as a starting point, we will use this opportunity to:

  • Study different layers of digital citizenship, connecting the dots between different stakeholders, sectors and policy fields;
  • Bring to the fore the expertise of the COFACE network to support digital families;
  • Use the conference as a space for family professionals to meet, exchange, network, collaborate, and build transnational dynamics;
  • Use the brainstorms and exchanges to develop a COFACE brief or position on digital citizenship, clarifying the different layers and the objectives to be achieved.
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