Vote For Safely Online Gezinsbond

Vote for Gezindsbond project for #SaferInternet4EU award – Deadline: 31 October

One of our sister organizations within COFACE Families Europe, Gezinsbond, a Belgian family organization, is among the finalists in the #SaferInternet4EU Awards with their project “Safely online”. With this project Gezinsbond tries to help parents with the media education of their children. The website focuses on 5 interactive modules:

  • Social media: What are the different types of social media, how to make agreements and set limits with children about their use of social media, how to help them in maintaining a good online reputation?
  • Online relations and sexuality: Children are likely to send selfies, use dating apps, do sexting, watch pornography… What do parents need to know about this and when should they intervene in this domain?
  • Internet and privacy: How do parents present themselves on the internet and what are the consequences for their children? What are cookies, phishing and sharenting? How to deal with institutions, advertising and passwords?
  • Gaming: Why is gaming so addictive, what are the risks, and how can boundaries be set for children without over-controlling them?
  • Cyberbullying: What is cyberbullying and how can you spot it without invading the child’s privacy? How can you get help?

With these tools Gezinsbond organizes 200 trainings per year, with special attention to the needs of vulnerable parents. An estimated 5,000 people have already benefited from the Safely Online training, developed in collaboration with Belgian universities, schools and local organisations. In 2018, the methodology and format has been redesigned in order to reach socially disadvantaged families as well as grandparents, therefore aiming to reduce the digital divide.

Check out their video and vote before the 31st of October:

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