Newsletter April 15

APEMH host and partner of the 11th European Congress Mental Health in Intellectual Disability, Luxembourg 2017

Our member APEMH-The association of parents of mentally disabled children in Luxembourg, is the host and partner of the 11th European Congress Mental Health in Intellectual Disability to be held in Luxembourg in September 2017. The congress aims at fostering dialogue that supports values such as better conditions of living, working and sharing for those involved in support work and interventions for mental health.

The Congress will bring together knowledge and expertise looking at how people with intellectual disabilities, their families and their social and professional networks have important experience and skills to contribute developing effective and collaborative models of service provision. Through the range of symposia, poster sessions and workshops there will be a stimulating dialogue between different approaches on the same subject with speakers from different countries, cultures, and theoretical perspectives.

The organization of this international congress will be the perfect opportunity for APEMH to kick off the festivities commemorating the 50th anniversary of its creation. The opportunity also to highlight its ongoing commitment to European partnerships and exchange in support of its sustained campaign for a better quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities; which includes improved access to mental health services.

More information about this event:

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