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Co.Fa.As. “Clelia”, Italy – Progress on support to family carers in the Lazio Region

Last month, the budget committee of the Italian Senate voted unanimously for the establishment of a fund to support family carers– 60 million euros over three years (2018-2020). The definition of carer is quite a wide one, and includes carers for persons with need of assistance beyond (severe) disability. It is now up to the regions to develop regional laws on family carers.

In this context, the Municipality of Rome hosted a seminar on 13th December “Diritto al Sollievo: Aiutiamo chi Aiuta”  on the need to support family carers. COFACE Disability member, Co.Fa.As. Clelia, is president of the Municipal committee for the rights of persons with disabilities, and hosted this event together with the Municipality of Rome (see full programme in Italian) with a wide range of participants including a strong media presence.

The Lazio Region has adopted a law recognising the family carer who lives with a person with disabilities. 700 euros/month is provided to the carer, together with 1250 euros for emergencies, home-based support (a few hours/day) according to the severity of the disability, and 15 days of carers leave supported by the municipality and local social/health services. This recognition of the needs of family carers is considered an important first step by Co.Fa.As Clelia, which is preparing further action calling for legislation on respite care for family carers.

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