Deaf people claiming their right to hear and be heard

The Spanish Confederation of Families of Deaf People (FIAPAS), in collaboration with a group of students from the EI School of Human Sciences and Technology of Madrid, launched a campaign to show the reality, often unknown to society, of the young people who are deaf, or who wear hearing aids and communicate orally.

Four brave boys and girls stand in front of the camera to show that deaf people can also hear and communicate in oral language.

Under the slogan “Listen to me: the right to hear and to be heard”, FIAPAS invites society to get acquainted with these young people with profound deafness, users of hearing aids, and with the many with similar conditions¹, who feel often ignored by society.

You can find the campaign on the social profiles of FIAPAS under the hashtag #oyeme and through the Web oyeme.me. It consists of a main spot, in the form of a trailer, and four videos in which the protagonists talk about their life and experiences, present themselves to society and invite us to put ourselves in their shoes.

The campaign has been carried out, in collaboration with FIAPAS, by a group of students of the Master in Visual & Digital Media of the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, who, with the advice of the communication agency LLYC, have designed this campaign. Its main objective is to contribute to the elimination of stereotypes on people with deafness, and to show their capacities and their possibilities of communication and inclusion in the environment.

¹ In Spain there are 1,064,000 people with a hearing disability of different types and degrees. Of these, more than 98% use oral language to communicate. According to the INE, 13,300 people use sign language.
(Disability, Personal Autonomy and Dependency Situations Survey. 2008 – INE)

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