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10 years towards inclusion

Ten years ago, the Špidla report marked the first step in the European commitment towards deinstitutionalisation. The European Expert Group on the transition from institutional to community-based care (EEG) was created in that occasion. It is a broad coalition gathering stakeholders representing people with care or support needs and their families, including children, people with disabilities, homeless people, people experiencing mental health problems; as well as service providers, public authorities and intergovernmental organisations.

The EEG coauthored the reference documents for deinstitutionalisation in Europe, the Common European Guidelines on the Transition from Institutional to Community-Based Care (2012) the Toolkit on the Use of European Union Funds for the Transition from Institutional to Community-based Care (2014) and actively advocates to prevent the use of EU funds for institutional care, and to steer the transition to high-quality, person-centred community and family-based care and support.

On the 16 January 2020 in Brussels the conference “Towards Inclusion” will celebrate this common work, will set common goals for the future, and will present the results of a research to evaluate the situation with institutionalisation in EU countries.

The purpose of the conference is to answer these questions:

  • how has the EU contributed to the transition from institutional to community-based care;
  • what needs to be done during the next 10 years?

Among the speakers there will be people who experience institutionalisation, experts on transition to community-based care and high-profile representatives of the European Commission. You can find the draft conference programme here (EN)

The conference is supported by DG Employment and Social Inclusion of the European Commission, participation is invitation-based.

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