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Estonian Presidency conference on community-based care and support – Follow the live streaming on 12-13 October

This conference hosted by the Estonian Presidency of the EU will focus on advancing discussions to accelerate the transition from institution-based care to community-based support (deinstitutionalisation, DI) in the EU member states. The aim of the conference is also to propose new approaches in the development of the concept and financing of DI and the promotion of human rights, and to support the development of an EU-wide framework of participatory social welfare policies. COFACE Families Europe has been invited to moderate the conference, and provide input and presentations in different workshops.

Topics to be discussed include:
– User involvement
– Prevention and its supportive solutions, including the role of families
– Community attitudes and involvement as a challenge
– Transition from institutional to community based care: successful stories and how to finance them
– Community based services, innovative solutions and integrated approach (social and health)
– ICT as an enabler of home delivered services
– How to ensure employment leads to social inclusion?
– ICT-Enabled Social Innovation to support the implementation of the Social Investment Package for growth and social cohesion (IESI)
– User experience – person centred service design methods to support social innovation
– Financial framework as enabler – future prospects, what happens after EU Funds

The full programme will be published soon.
Follow the live streaming of the conference on 12-13th October at this link

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