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EU Funding opportunity to develop Quality Alternative Care for Children and De-Institutionalisation

The European Commission seeks proposals for its programme “Quality Alternative Care for Children and De-Institutionalisation”. The objective of this call for proposals is to provide quality care for children to ensure that children enjoy equal chances to reach their full potential in societies. Deadline for the submission of Concept Notes is 27 March 2018.


It is estimated that 8 million children worldwide, around 90% of whom are not orphans, are living in institutions where they are at high risk of physical and psychological violence, abuse and neglect, undermining their ability to reach their full potential and exposing them to further risks of social exclusion. Many more millions of children are deprived of the care of their family and lack the proper quality alternative care (be it informal or formal) that they need to grow up safely and well, be it in extended families, foster families or community based-care solutions.

In its Action plan on human rights and democracy 2015-2019, the EU commits itself to promoting, protecting and fulfilling children’s rights by prioritising support for partner countries’ efforts in this area, with a particular focus on:

  • Strengthening child protection systems to protect children from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect.
  • Children’s economic, social and cultural rights (education, health, nutrition, social protection, etc).


The European Commission is looking to support initiatives to prevent family and child separation, take children out of harmful institutions and provide appropriate and quality alternative care for those deprived of parental care. These initiatives should be based on a careful assessment and determination of the child(ren)’s best interests, according to the UN’s Guidelines for the alternative care of children. The aim, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDG 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions; and Target 16.2: Ending abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence and torture against children) is to reach the most vulnerable children left behind and in need of such care.

The specific objective of this call for proposals is to provide quality care for children through the following priorities:

  • Enabling governments to provide and take control of quality alternative care provision to children who are deprived of parental care, in line with UN’s Guidelines on alternative care of children and/or
  • Regulating and monitoring the quality of the alternative care solutions provided to children who are deprived of parental care and/or
  • Supporting the transition from institutional to community-based care, and
  • Preventing the unnecessary separation of children from their families.

The action will help public national and local authorities to reform their alternative care systems and implement existing legislation in order to build stronger child protection systems.


The initial planned duration of an action may not be lower than 24 months but it should not exceed 48 months.

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