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CO.FA.AS. Clelia, Young people and the Council of Europe: the primacy of the right to inclusion

In the morning of the 23rd November, the high school “Giuseppe Mazzini” of Locri hosted a debate on inclusive education with students, representatives of institutions and civil society. One of the co-organisers of the event was CO.FA.AS. “Clelia” Onlus, an association that since 2008 represents and defends the rights of family carers. One key outcome of the event was the presentation of the project “Diversamente Uguali” promoted by the city of Locri with the high school “Mazzini” and the Calabrian Committee for inclusion. Data were also discussed, with the outcomes of a questionnaire asking students about their view on the social inclusion of pupils with disabilities and about their knowledge of European institutions along with official data on inclusion in the region of Calabria.

More information here (in Italian)

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