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FIAPAS launches campaign and manifesto for International Day of Deaf Persons

Studying without the help of third parties, going alone to the doctor or enjoying playing on an equal footing with the rest of the population is not always possible for deaf people who wear hearing aids due to the lack of hearing accessibility.

To raise awareness for these and more situations, COFACE’s member, the Spanish Confederation of Families of Deaf People (FIAPAS), published a manifesto titled “Accessibility, in every sense” which is accompanied by the campaign “Life with sensuality” (in Spanish) on the International Day of Deaf Persons. This campaign aims to promote knowledge and awareness of society in relation to the inclusion and participation of deaf people in the environment and shared heritage.
“In order for people with deafness to feel part of the shared heritage and to allow them to interact with their surroundings, by preventing discrimination or their self-exclusion, accessibility must be instigated and extended”, states the president of FIAPAS.

Here Technology is one of the greatest allies, by offering aids that provide deaf people with auditory accessibility and oral communication. In short, it means that they are not left on the margins of activity inspired by tangible cultural or social heritage, but can instead, beyond heritage itself and palpable creations, approach and access knowledge, conviviality and interaction with others, culture, art, radiations, beliefs, history…

The manifesto also contains key demands:

  • The inclusion of auditory accessibility and oral communication as a precondition in the design of products, goods and services, in the policy planning of the different government departments, and in the awarding of any type of public finance or grant.
  • The provision of technological aids in surroundings, such as induction loops, to guarantee auditory accessibility allowing persons to fully exercise their rights in every sphere of life.

You can find the full manifesto here.

Campaign materials can be found under www.queloescuchetodoelmundo.com. Follow the campaign under the hashtags #QueloEscucheTodoElMundo and #LaVidaConSenTido on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Check out two of their videos already here:



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