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New FRA reports: changes needed to better support people with disabilities to live independently

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), has recently published three reports on Article 19 of the UNCRPD. The ‘From institutions to community living’ reports explore different aspects of the move away from institutions towards independent and community living. They focus on three aspects of the deinstitutionalisation process:

From institutions to community living – Part I: commitments and structures
Discussions are under way at the European Union (EU) and national levels about how best to realise the transition from institutional to community-based support. This report contributes to these by bringing together some of the key issues that have emerged from the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights’ (FRA) human rights indicators on Member States’ political and practical commitment to deinstitutionalisation.

From institutions to community living – Part II: funding and budgeting
The transition from institution- to community-based support for persons with disabilities is a complex process that requires multifaceted efforts. These include putting in place commitments and structures for achieving deinstitutionalisation and measuring outcomes for persons with disabilities. This report shows that effectively funding the deinstitutionalisation process is a vital element.

From institutions to community living – Part III: outcomes for persons with disabilities
This report assesses to what extent Member States have implemented the right to independent living, focusing on the effect commitments and funds are having on persons with disabilities’ daily lives. Taken together, the reports provide important insights that can support ongoing processes of change.

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