NewsSeptember – Peer Review

Intergovernmental peer reviews on youth with disabilities, informal care, worklife balance.

This autumn, different ministries will host peer reviews taking their national policies as a starting point for European exchanges with other countries. The aim of these peer reviews, is to discuss and exchange good practices, challenges and lessons learnt. Here is an overview of the meetings taking place in September and October:

>> 14th September: Social inclusion, health and the equalisation of opportunities for young people with disabilities
Host country: Croatia
The objective of this peer review is to discuss and share experiences on ways to improve the access, availability and quality of services for young people with disabilities, in particular in the areas of health, education and employment.

>> 24th September: Improving the reconciliation of work and long-term care
Host country: Germany
This Peer Review will discuss how informal carers can be better supported to reconcile work and care obligations. This will cover the level of eligibility, length and compensation of leave arrangements.

>> 8th October: The financial impact of maternity and paternity leave
Host country: The Czech Republic
The aim is to help Member States design more effective policy responses and practical measures to facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life, thus also contributing to a more equal take-up of parental leave and an increase in the labour market participation of women with children.

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