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Short film “Manifesto” calls for a society that reserves a place for everyone

Unapei, an associative movement defending the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and member of COFACE Families Europe, is preparing to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2020.

To begin this anniversary year, the organised has unveiled its new film “Manifesto” in the continuation of its campaign #avecnous. Reflecting a true identity characteristic of the citizen movement, this film reaffirms the values of Unapei, highlighting its victories, its “raison d’être” and the struggles of its activists, persons with disabilities, families, professionals, volunteers who work day after day to improve the quality of life of all those concerned by intellectual and cognitive disabilities. And you, are you #avecnous?

By making this new 1:20 minute film, Unapei wants to put the spotlight on persons with disabilities, and on the family carers, volunteers and social service professionals who accompany and support them on a daily basis.

“We’re fighting for a society that reserves a place for everyone.” – The film “Manifesto” highlight Unapei’s strengths.

This film, tinged with solidarity and optimism, reveals the power of Unapei’s action, made possible thanks to the commitment of 900,000 volunteers and activists throughout France, including overseas. Together, and for the past 60 years, these active forces have resolutely defended the rights of persons with disabilities. They invent, organize and professionalize the daily reception and support of persons with disabilities and their families. Every day, thanks to them, Unapei  acts and innovates to build a more supportive and inclusive society.

The film “Manifesto”, a call for commitment and solidarity “There are 900,000 of us… but sometimes we get lonely.”

Even today, in 2020, thousands of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families find themselves isolated, alone, invisible.

Many battles remain to be fought. A truly inclusive society in which each person with a disability has a full place in society remains to be built. By 2020, every person with intellectual disabilities should be able to have access to support adapted to their needs and to choose their life freely.

To end the scandal of the isolation of persons with disabilities and their families and to improve their quality of life, we all have a role to play, each at our own level.

More information here: https://www.unapei.org/article/film-manifeste-unapei/


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