New member: Welcome to FIAPAS, Confederación Española de Familias de Personas Sordas

COFACE Families Europe welcomes a new member: FIAPAS ( This is the Spanish Confederation of Families of deaf people. It was founded in 1978 in order to tackle the needs of the people with a hearing disability and their families. Nowadays, FIAPAS is a national wide Confederation composed of 45 organisations (regional federations and local associations). FIAPAS is the main platform of representation for families of deaf people in Spain.

FIAPAS’ mission is to represent and stand for the rights and interests of people with a hearing disability and their families, both nationwide and internationally.

FIAPAS aims to be recognised:

-as an organisation of reference in the representation and attention to deaf people and their families;
-as an organisation able to unite its members organisations;
-as a committed organisation to the ethics which inspires FIAPAS’ principles and values;
-as a professionalised and innovative organisation where parents play the principal role;
-as an organisation devoted to excellence through a program of continuing quality improvement.

The Spanish Confederation of Families of Deaf People works for:

  • the PARENTS, who are the cornerstone in the design of our policies and to whom they provide advice about deafness
  • the CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE WITH HEARING DISABILITY who are the main raison-d’être. All their actions are directed to achieve their family, education, labour and social mainstreaming
  • the MEMBERS OF FIAPAS, federations and associations. They may consider FIAPAS as a common support point, but keeping their own independency and autonomy
  • the SOCIETY. They build community awareness of hearing impairments and of the needs and demands of people with hearing disability and their families in order to promote the prevention of deafness and the elimination of barriers through early diagnosis, prompt education intervention and facilitating the access to the oral language in the early years.

All these should be done in order to achieve their fullest social inclusion and the accessibility to every different field.

  • the ADMINISTRATIONS. They try to make them more responsive to questions about hearing disability and to their demands. They advocate for the fulfilment, improvement and development of legislation concerning deafness.

In the origins, FIAPAS was a Confederation of Parents, becoming in 2004 a Confederation of Families of deaf people, acting in favour of all the families with a deaf member, independently of which member of the family is deaf.

During these 40 years, FIAPAS has consolidated some core strategic lines of actions (Attention to the Families, Health, Education, Employment and Accessibility) in order to achieve the following priority objectives:

  • To promote and to support deaf persons and their families
  • To represent the demands of deaf persons and their families
  • To coordinate and to strengthen the Families Associative Movement
  • To foster development and participation of the families in rehabilitation and education process of their deaf children and in the Associative Movement
  • To promote early diagnosis and treatment of deafness
  • To improve the quality of education of deaf children and young people, in order to enhance their social inclusion
  • To improve professional capabilities and access to the labour market for deaf people
  • To optimize training of teachers and other specialists
  • To promote and to divulgate investigations and researches in education, health, technical and social fields
  • To create awareness and inform to deaf people, fathers and mother, professionals, political representatives, public administrations, society,… in order to eliminate barriers
  • To take specially into account mothers with deaf children and girls and women with a hearing disability

FIAPAS turns 40 this year. As part of this celebration, the Spanish Confederation has made a video (click here to watch the video) in order to show its gratitude to all people who have supported FIAPAS over the decades.

Visit FIAPA’s website here:

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