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Three new calls for Applied Disability Research

The International Foundation on Applied Disability Research (FIRAH) and its partners launched three calls for applied research projects. The goal of applied research is to provide solutions to the difficulties encountered daily by persons with disabilities and their families.

The General Call for Projects for 2019 concerns all types of disability and all ages with the overall objective of enhancing the access to human rights for persons with disabilities, in compliance with the principles of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The call defines three priorities: early intervention; education for children and young people from to pre-school to university; exercise of citizenship and representation. Nonetheless, these topics are not obligatory and other topics could be presented.

The second call is organised by L’Oréal Foundation and FIRAH and is about “Self-esteem and Disability“. The aims are to improve support for persons with disabilities for affirming their dignity and identity, and thereby contribute to the necessary change in how society sees persons with disabilities.

The third one, on Poverty and Disability, is organised by the FIRAH, the French Red Cross and the Foundation MAAF Entreprises et Handicap. This research programme aims at underscoring the correlations between disabling situations and precarity/poverty to identify the processes and activities implemented and to provide concrete solutions that improve conditions and quality of life for people.
This call for projects encompasses the situations and populations described below.

  • Precarity and poverty in general, defined as partial or total lack of resources, regardless of the causes.
    • All persons with disabilities:
      physical, sensory, intellectual and/or mental impairments , regardless of the cause of onset;
    • children, adults or older persons; and
    • all living situations – at home, in institutions, without a permanent address, or in prison.

Letters of intent for the three calls can be submitted by the 25th of March.

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