UNAPEI’s campaign #jaipasecole brings awareness to the exclusion of children with disabilities

This year, like every year in September, thousands of children with disabilities will be excluded from school. Yet the testimonies and concrete numbers are lacking. How many children with disabilities do not have access to education? Why? What difficulties do they encounter on a daily basis?

Through their citizen mobilisation “jaipasecole” (no school for me) Unapei and its partners give the opportunity to all those who are confronted with this reality to be able to express their situation thanks to the platform www.marentree.org.

Each of these testimonies will identify the daily lives of these children, their individual needs and those of their families. It is also an opportunity to make visible these students and families who are too often isolated and hidden, simply because of the disability of their children and the lack of a suitable solution.

Find out more here (French).


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