MEDIA RELEASE – Building sustainable and future-proof education systems: Families, as first educators, have their say

On this World Teachers Day, COFACE Families Europe is gathering practitioners from 20+ countries in the city of Graz, under the Austrian Presidency of the EU, to explore the role of families as first educators in building sustainable and future-proof education systems.

To this end, our discussions will focus on four main areas which require joint action by teachers, families, and policy-makers:

  • Making education inclusive and accessible for all;
  • The role and limits of digitalisation in schools;
  • The importance of childcare, at a crossroads between education, family and social policy;
  • Supporting parents to tackle different forms of discrimination in schools.

We will examine these topics in a holistic way bringing the role of families and the family perspective to debates on education, including the core values of COFACE Families Europe: social inclusion, equal opportunities, solidarity, empowerment, human rights and non-discrimination. COFACE Families Europe considers these essential for building inclusive, diverse and sustainable communities in Europe.

“The implementation of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals is an absolute priority for all families in the EU and beyond! Today COFACE Families Europe is focusing especially on SDG4. Education is the key that will allow many other SDGs to be achieved. Inclusive and quality education must therefore be placed as a priority in both policy and practice”, says Annemie Drieskens, President of COFACE Families Europe.

The combination of international human rights obligations, the momentum around the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the newly proclaimed European Pillar of Social Rights, and the importance of education for COFACE Families Europe, means the time is right for us to contribute to promoting education where children without discrimination can take part in quality and inclusive education, so they can have a good start in life and access better opportunities across their lifecycle.

The results of the conference will be taken to different levels (local, national, European and international), and will feed into our campaign launched with SDG Watch Europe members ahead of the 2019 European Parliament elections.



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Liz Gosme, COFACE Director

Isabell Wutz, COFACE Communications officer

About COFACE Families Europe

COFACE Families Europe has been involved for 60 years in building a strong social, family friendly Europe. COFACE Families Europe advocates for strong social policies that take into consideration family needs and guarantee equal opportunities for all families. More:

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