Newsletter April 18

Publication on the changing role of modern fatherhood, UNAF, France

On 6 April, UNAF Director General Guillemette Leneveu presented the study carried out by the UNAF’s Families Observatory: “Etre père aujourd’hui” (Being father nowadays). The aim of the study is to increase the knowledge of fathers, their wishes for involvement in the family life and with their children, but also a better knowledge of the limitations they face and their feelings about the place they have in society.

For the UNAF, it was important to understand and to show how fathers perceive themselves, their expectations and difficulties. Three challenges: first, fathers can and should dare to be fathers. Second, how to develop strong ties with with children and third, develop a more equal share of tasks at home between mothers and fathers.

During the presentation of the study, there were interesting exchanges, namely on how public policies and businesses could better take fathers into account.

Read more about this study here (in French)

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