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Alliance of European NGOs call for a Council Recommendation on Investing in Children

COFACE Families Europe is member of the Alliance for Investing in Children, which delivered a joint statement in October calling on the EU to adopt an Investing in Children Council Recommendation ensuring that EU and national investments, including the future European Child Guarantee, are aligned with national plans. This Council Recommendation should also reflect the principles of the 2013 European Commission Recommendation for Investing in Children, preserving and reinforcing its integrated approach.

The European Commission Recommendation on “Investing in Children: Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage” was developed, as a part of the 2013 European Union Social Investment Package, to support Member States in taking a comprehensive approach when developing policies for child poverty reduction by ensuring parents’ access to adequate resources, access to affordable quality services and by supporting children’s participation in decision making. However, the Recommendation did not have the expected impact on policy reform in the Member States. In 2019, 1 in 4 children in Europe experienced child poverty and social exclusion.

This can have lifelong effects in their lives and lead to poverty in adulthood. Children who grow up in poverty have fewer opportunities than their peers to access quality education starting from early childhood education until higher education, and are more likely to experience social exclusion and health problems later in life.

The next European Commission and President-Elect von der Leyen’s commitment for the development of a European Child Guarantee as a flagship policy of her Commission offers a momentous occasion to tackle persistent levels of family poverty in Member States and bring change for Europe’s most vulnerable children.

The EU Alliance for Investing in Children brings together over 20 European networks sharing a commitment to end child poverty and to promote child well-being across Europe. Our key asks:

  • An EU Commitment in the form of a Council Recommendation on Investing in Children;
  • EU Member States child poverty reduction plans, ensuring that families have access to quality employment and child/family benefits, while children have access to free health care, education, childcare, decent housing and adequate nutrition and that children meaningfully participate in the decisions made for their lives. These plans should include a list and timeline of actions that are to be supported by national budgets and EU funding instruments
  • EU monitoring of the Recommendation implementation at national level through the European Semester,
  • Systematic engagement of civil society at EU and national level in this process.

Children cannot wait. Future generations cannot wait.

We are calling the European Union and its Member States to take the RESPONSIBILITY and ACT NOW to ensure that no child grows up in poverty in the years to come.

You can find the full statement here.

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